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Son of Sam


This is for the elevation of the soul of  my late father-in-law, Samuel Eden- Shmuel Velvel ben Mordechai

It’s been ages since I’ve written (again). Tonight I had a good incentive though and I couldn’t let this opportunity pass. My late father-in-law was someone who left behind quite a legacy. When I was engaged, I went out with my then-fiance, Daniel, and mother-in-law-to-be for dinner at a restaurant. I learned two things that evening.
The waiter brought us a bottle of red mid-meal and pointed a few tables over. “This wine is from the gentleman over there”. It was such an elegant gesture and I was surprised that no one at my table knew this man. Our wine benefactor called out to my almost mother-in-law, “I knew your husband. He took such incredible care of my mother at the end of her life”. I watched them all smile and say gracious “thank you”s but Daniel and his mother were not surprised. Apparently Dr. Samuel Eden was not just a doctor who treated patients but rather was a doctor who treated patients with exceptional kindness and generosity.
The second thing I learned that night is that you never, ever put ice cubes in your wine goblet.
On this evening of my dear late father-in-law’s yahrzeit, I choose to pause for a moment and learn a lesson from this loving and beloved man. I hope to live a life that I can be proud of when looking back. More, I hope I leave behind many people who could count on me to be there for them in every way I know how and with every resource G-d has chosen to give me. May we spend every moment living up to our ideals and not simply going through the motions. Life is so short. And may we all -along with Daniel, son of Sam (not that one)- celebrate his father’s life by continuing his tremendous legacy of kindness.
For additional reading, a few accurate and descriptive words about Dr. Samuel Eden can be found here: