I Steal Light!


I have a few people that I steal from on a regular basis. There’s a man I know who is highly motivated, action-oriented, and wildly successful (financially). I seek him out to hear him talk- he loves to talk- and leave feeling energized, enthusiastic, and ready to DO. He radiates a unique light in this world and I get close enough to ignite.

I blatantly steal from him. He knows I do and doesn’t mind and we’re both happy.

There’s a woman who is very focused on her appearance. She spends hours on her hair, lotions, exercises, preparation of organic food. I never would have the time and I don’t want to spend my time on all things superficial. BUT, I do seek her out too. I find that just a few minutes with her leaves me charged to take better care of myself. I want to eat healthier, work out, and prioritize small doses of self-care. I feel like a queen on the outside and am motivated to behave royally on the inside.

I steal from her too. She is aware I do and actually enjoys that I appreciate this aspect of her!

I have a long list of people I steal from on a regular basis. The woman who is full of self-sacrifice when I want to build my generosity of spirit. The intellectual scholar when I want to strengthen my Torah knowledge and insights in the world. The social butterfly who has the charisma and gregarious nature to keep any party going.

My only hope? That my unique light will ignite someone else’s happiness, success, health, and spirituality.

You want to steal from my light? It’s yours for the taking.


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