I Can’t Believe All That Happened



I hadn’t seen her or spoken to her in over ten years and she was in town long enough for us to take a walk together. The moment I saw her, we picked up where we left off. She looked the same (I’m not sure if I was blessed with those genes!) and sounded the same. Effortlessly, we caught up on each other’s lives.

She had been through a lot- from divorce to illness; from moving to remarriage. As for me, I had moved, grown my family, and gone through career changes (read: identity crisis – watch this for more on that) to name a few . So much life had passed between us. Big things. Milestones.

We repeatedly remarked on how surreal it was to hear each other’s experiences. Is this how life works? You look in your rear-view mirror to discover that you are still you- just fortified with experiences that were previously reserved for…adults??

Does the surreal feeling ever fade? My intuition tells me it doesn’t. So what then? We live until 120 years old, with help from Above, and look back on our lives, shaking our heads ‘I can’t believe all that happened’.

Of course, as we navigate through our lives, there are circumstances handed to us but life doesn’t just happen to us. We are tasked to happen to life!

This feeling inspires me to ACT, be BOLD, and FEARLESS. Our lives happen just once (as far as we remember!) and if we want to make the most out of them, we need to list our most desired 3-5 accomplishments and STRIVE like we’ve never striven before!

Then, in ten more years iy’H, we can reunite with that old friend along with a few more wrinkles and grey hairs, and smile.


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